Yang Ming >>PN4

  • 青岛至美西北航程是市场最快;上海到塔科马也较快;THE联盟航线,由现代/海洋网联/阳明共同投船,船舶平均装载量8100TEU。Fastest transit time from Qingdao to PNW; Transit time from Shanghai to Tacoma is also fast. THE alliance service, HMM/ONE/YML vessels, average capacity at 8100 TEU.

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  • 目的港第一站停靠王子港, 为加拿大进口货物提供了快速的航程; 直接连接华中与美西北;温哥华到华北/韩国航程很快。Prince Rupert first POD calling, providing fast transit time for Canadian import cargo; Direct connection between Central China and PNW; Fast transit time from Vancouver to Korea and North China.

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