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  • 市场上唯一从清水/神户/名古屋/东京到北欧的航线,航程很快,中间仅停靠新加坡,新加坡到荷兰、德国的航程均为市场最快。THE联盟航线,全部由ONE投船,船舶平均装载量8900TEU。The only service from Shimizu/Kobe/Nagoya/Tokyo to North Europe. Transit time is fast with the only stop at Singapore. Fastest transit time from Singapore to Rotterdam and Hamburg. THE alliance service, All ONE vessels, average capacity at 8900 TEU.

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  • 中途仅停靠一站的日本直达欧洲航线;东京到鹿特丹27天;东京到汉堡30天。Japan direct service with one stop over to/from Europe; Tokyo - Rotterdam in 27 days; Tokyo - Hamburg in 30 days.

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