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  • 高雄/香港到查尔斯顿的航程是市场最快;走巴拿马运河; THE联盟航线,由现代/赫伯罗特共同投船,船舶平均装载量13100TEU。Kaohsiung/Hong Kong to Charleston transit time is the fastest in the market. Via Panama Canal. THE alliance service, HMM/HPL vessels, average capacity at 13100 TEU.

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  • 中国(含台湾)/韩国到到南亚特兰大地区的直航;南中国到萨瓦纳和查尔斯顿快线;北美东岸到高雄/盐田航程很快。Taiwan,China and Korea direct calling to South Atlanta area; Express service from South China to Savannah and Charleston; Fast transit time from US East Coast to Kaohsiung, Yantian.

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