Yang Ming >>FE4

  • 到荷兰和德国快线,釜山到荷兰和德国的航程偏快;THE联盟航线,由HMM/ONE共同投船,船舶平均装载量20400TEU。Fast service to Netherlands and Germany; Fast transit time from Busan to Germany. THE alliance service, HMM/ONE vessels, average capacity at 20400 TEU.

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  • 直靠釜山;直靠阿尔赫西拉斯;上海到鹿特丹31天;宁波到鹿特丹34天;盐田到鹿特丹27天。Pusan direct call service; Algeciras direct call service; Shanghai - Rotterdam in 31 days; Ningbo - Rotterdam in 34 days; Yantian - Rotterdam in 27 days.

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