• 市场唯一从印度东南部到北欧的航线; 由HPL/COSCO/YML/ONE/OOCL共同投船,船舶平均装载量6300TEU。The only service from East and South India to North Europe. Non-alliance service, HPL/YML/ONE/COSCO/OOCL, average capacity at 6300 TEU.

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  • 从印度东南部和斯里兰卡直达西北欧洲;南亚到英国伦敦的直航;通过科伦坡连接提供杜蒂戈林和吉大港的服务;通过比雷埃弗斯和达米埃塔连接提供覆盖印度东南部至地中海/黑海的服务。Direct service to Northwest Europe from South East India and Sri Lanka. Direct service to London Gateway, UK from South Asia region. Tuticorin and Chittagong service coverage via Colombo connection. Competitive connection service via Piraeus and DAMIETTA covering South East India to Mediterranean and Black Sea.

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