• 中东/印度半岛到地西的专属航线, 唯一从印度半岛到Genoa/ Barcelona / Fos的航线,到西班牙瓦伦西亚是市场最快;由HPL/CMA/Cosco共同投船,船舶平均装载量7400Teu。Dedicated service from Middle East /Indian Subcontinent to Mediterranean West. The only service connecting India Subcontinent and Genoa /Barcelona /Fos. Transit time to Valencia is the fastest. Non-alliance service, HPL/CMA/Cosco vessels, average capacity at 7400 TEU.

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  • 提供中东、印巴至地西的直航服务;提供卡塔尔直航;提供地西至中东、印巴服务;提供约旦Aqaba东行直航服务。Dedicated service between India / Pakistan / Middle East and West Mediterranean.

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