• 东南亚/华东到美西南的航线;拆分南亚挂靠,加强越南覆盖,增加新加坡中转港;目的港取消奥克兰;宁波到长滩航程是市场最快,上海到长滩也很快;非联盟航线,由中远海和东方海外运投船,船舶平均装载量10400TEU。From Southeast Asia / Central China to Long Beach; Split South Asia calling and add Vung Tau / Singapore. Cancel calling Oakland at destination side. The fastest transit time from Ningbo to LALB; transit time from Shanghai to LB is also fast. Non-alliance service, COSCO/OOCL vessels, average capacity at 10400 TEU.

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  • 航线由中远海经营;提供东南亚主要港口至美西南快捷直航服务;提供华东地区至美西南港口的快捷直航服务。Independently operated by COSCO SHIPPING; Direct service from and South East Asia to U.S west coast; Direct service from Central China to U.S west coast.

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