• 致力于华南华东到加拿大市场;上海/宁波/深圳到王子港航程是市场最快;上海/宁波到温哥华也很快;海洋联盟航线,全部由中远海运投船,船舶平均装载量6040TEU。Dedicated service from South PRC and Central PRC to Canada; Fastest transit time from Shanghai to Prince Rupert; transit time from Shanghai/Ningbo to Vancouver is also fast. Ocean alliance service, All COSCO vessels, average capacity at 6040 TEU.

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  • 中远海运独立运营航线;覆盖加拿大市场航线;从2007年开始,中远海运集运在鲁伯特王子港的市场份额牢据第一;通过鲁伯特王子港和温哥华两个窗口,使得内陆服务覆盖面非常广泛;提供华南到加拿大的直航服务;提供华东到加拿大的快捷直航服务。Independently operated by COSCO SHIPPING; Covering all Canada market; COSCO SHIPPING’s market share in Prince Rupert keeps to be top one ever since 2007; Providing a profound inland service through both Prince Rupert and Vancouver; Providing direct call service from South China to Canada; Providing express service from East China to Canada.

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