• 市场上唯一天津直达美西航线;青岛到王子港的航程是市场最快;同时挂靠王子港和长滩,取消西雅图。海洋联盟航线,全部由中远海投船,船舶平均装载量10100TEU。The only direct service from Tianjin to US West Coast; Fastest transit time from Qingdao to Prince Rupert. Call both Prince Rupert and Long Beach, but no more Seattle calling. Ocean alliance service, All COSCO vessels, average capacity at 10100 TEU.

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  • 中远海运独立运营航线;华北主力美西南航线;提供青岛、天津至加拿大鲁伯特王子港和美西南的快捷直航服务;华北区域货物,经由多式联运从青岛和天津出口;通过鲁伯特王子港四通八达的铁路连通美国内陆市场。Independently operated by COSCO SHIPPING; The major PSW service in North China; Providing express direct service from Qingdao/Tianjin to Prince Rupert, Canada and U.S southwest ports; Cargo in North China can be shipped out from Qingdao/Tianjin by multimodal transportation. Connecting U.S inland market through Prince Rupert's railway service.

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