• 青岛到纽约/诺福克航程是市场最快;其他港口到纽约/诺福克航程也很快;走巴拿马运河。海洋联盟航线,由中远海和达飞共同投船,船舶平均装载量13800TEU。Fastest transit time from Qingdao to New York and Norfolk; Other ports to New York / Norfolk is also fast. Via Panama Canal. Ocean alliance service, Cosco/CMA vessels, average capacity at 13800 TEU.

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  • 提供华东/华北到美东的直航服务;华东到纽约交货期迅速;连通美东南至华东华北市场;提供纽约出口的快捷直航服务。Direct service from North and East China to Northeast region of U.S. East;The delivery time from East China to New York is fast

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