• 到法国和德国的快线;独特挂靠敦刻尔克;釜山/宁波/上海/深圳/新加坡到勒阿弗尔的航程均是市场最快;海洋联盟航线,全部由达飞投船,船舶平均装载量22100TEU。Fast service for France and Germany. Unique call at Dunkerque; Fastest transit time from Busan /Ningbo /Shanghai /Yantian /Singapore to Le Harve; Ocean alliance service, all CMA vessels, average capacity at 22100 TEU.

    COSCO>>AEU2 容易船期 EZOcean 3 years ago...

  • 华北和釜山直航服务;远东至法国勒哈佛尔快航。North China and Pusan direct call; Fast transit time to Le Havre.

    COSCO>>AEU2 船公司网站 From Carrier Website 3 years ago...

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