• 更多印度半岛和中东港口选择;到北欧港口都很快;由CMA/COSCO/OOCL共同投船,船舶平均装载量8200TEU。More choice on India subcontinet and Middle East ports; Very fast transit time to North Europe. Non-alliance service, CMA/COSCO/OOCL vessels, average capacity at 8200 TEU.

    COSCO>>EPIC3 容易船期 EZOcean 3 years ago...

  • 提供印度和巴基斯坦 至西北欧的快航服务;提供印巴至丹吉尔的直航服务;英国双挂南安普顿和伦敦,一进一出保证英国全面覆盖;提供吉布提的东行直航服务。Connect market between South Asia,Middle East and North Europe; Advantage transit time from India to UK; Full coverage at UK with double UK calls : Southampton and Felixstowe

    COSCO>>EPIC3 船公司网站 From Carrier Website 3 years ago...

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