• 印巴到美东的快线,走苏伊士运河。非联盟航线,由赫伯罗特/达飞/海洋网联/东方海外共同投船,船舶平均装载量9600TEU。Dedicated service from Indian subcontinent to US East Coast, Via Suez Canal. Non-alliance service, HPL/CMA/ONE/OOCL vessels, average capacity at 9600 TEU.

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  • 从印度次大陆和埃及到美国东海岸的航线,从航程和可靠性来看在市场上具有优势;广泛覆盖巴基斯坦、印度西北部和埃及市场;快速对接CMA网络其他航线(中东/地东/东非航线);采用8000TEU级别的船只运营(包括三艘CMA自有船)。Prime product in the market in term of transit time and reliability from Indian Sub continent & Egypt to US East Coast; Optimum coverage of Pakistan, North West Indian and Egyptian markets; Fast connections with CMA CGM network (Middle East/East Med/East Africa lines); Operated with 8,000 Teus vessels (including 3 CMA CGM vessels).

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