• 市场唯一从东亚和东南亚到黑海的航线。海洋联盟航线,由达飞/中远海共同投船,船舶平均装载量9600Teu。The only service from East Asia and South East Asia to Black sea. Ocean alliance service, Cosco/CMA vessels, average capacity at 9600 TEU.

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  • 亚洲到土耳其和黑海最可靠的航线;使用行业最大的9500teu的船;直接挂靠土耳其和黑海港口;直靠黎巴嫩;全面覆盖土耳其港口The most reliable direct service from Asia to Black Sea on the market; With the biggest vessels on the trade: 9,500 Teus ships; Connecting directly with the main ports of Turkey and Black Sea.Direct service to Lebanon; Full coverage in Turkey.

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